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wow [Apr. 16th, 2009|04:19 pm]
its amazing how things can change in one day.  just one freaking day.

things that changed today:
- i have a job
- i have orientation at the iO theater next tuesday, with my first improv class the following sunday (!!!!)
- i'm going to buy a skateboard and learn how to ride it with some friends who are also learning (mid 20s skateboard club, woo)
- i realized i lost a lot of weight recently - being poor really is an effective diet plan
- i got my stimulus check today, which means i can pay some BILLS
- i finally cleared the air about a really terrible time with a formerly great friend.  finally.  its so nice sometimes to be understood and not manipulated by a bunch of people's petty bull.  maybe things can finally move on.
- IT IS ACTUALLY WARM IN CHICAGO.  i'm talking mid 60s, people!  and sunny!  holy shit.

god.  today has been wonderful.  i've never felt so charged in a while.  its like a chapter finally just shut and i can begin the life up here that i've always wanted.

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(no subject) [Apr. 4th, 2009|02:53 pm]
i love lazy saturdays.
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(no subject) [Mar. 24th, 2009|02:19 am]
for the first time in my time here, as i stumbled drunkenly home from the sovereign after some drinks with the townie people that i've come to know and love ...

... i felt as if i really lived here.  the el rumbled overhead as i passed under the red line.  a creepy homeless dude mumbled to me as i crossed the street and gave him some change.  some drunk loyola students bumped me as i careened towards my apartment.

i looked up at the skyscrapers around me and realized ... this is my city.  i live here.  i'm not visiting, i'm not touring, and i'm certainly not vacationing.

i live in one of the best cities in the world and i love it.  i cannot believe that i've made it this far with so many doors open in front of me.

the iO theater is fantastic.  i cannot wait to start taking classes there.  i hit the improv scene every wednesday (BECAUSE ITS FREE!!!! WOO!) and watch what they do -- i can DO THAT.  i know i can.  i can't wait to.

tonight, i met one of the stage managers at the chicago shakespeare theater and took shots with her.  she ASMed the production of amadeus that i saw in november when i was up here (!!!!!!!!!!!!).

i've never felt so invigorated in my entire life.

i miss certain things in tuscaloosa, mostly (if not entirely) certain people.  i miss my best friends, more than anything.  if there is anything i wish this city had, i wish it had people already in place for me to confide in, to trust, and most importantly, to love.

few notes:
- austin and julia ... i miss you both more than you will ever know.
- the beer is SO MUCH BETTER up here, and we can drink it on SUNDAYS (holy crap).
- i really feel like i'm on the right course.  for once in my life.

i also realized that i don't care about bullshit drama anymore.  when you're alone in a city full of people, and you only know perhaps 1-4 people in said city, you kind of realize that its time to grow up.

when you graduate, when you get free of the college world, your life is in your hands.  all the shit you dealt with before doesn't matter.  i've never gotten more writing done in my whole LIFE than i have in the past three weeks.  i have an appointment with an awesome headshot photographer in a few weeks.  my resume is down pact.  my monologues are solid.

this is my life now, and i'm so excited that's its finally begun.

(ps, to all you current college students, GRADUATE NOW.  you will love it.  trust me.)

(pps.  battlestar galactica is a great show.)

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(no subject) [Mar. 9th, 2009|02:47 pm]
so i've been living in chicago for the past few days ...

... and its been awesome.

went to go see watchmen last night at the biggest theater i've ever been to.  i wanted to see it at imax but tickets for those shows are still sold out for the next few days.  anyway, i went to the AMC in downtown and it was great.  the movie was wonderful (albeit long).  i mean, i'm not a terribly picky guy, i read the comic every year so i was going to enjoy it as long as it got the jist.  it did, and went beyond that.  very happy with it.

on saturday night i went out with my friend joy.  as it stands she's the only person i actually know in chicago, but that's okay.  we used to take a bunch of classes together at UA and never became really close, but she's still really fun to hang out with.  she took me to the houndstooth in wrigleyville near wrigley field and we had a blast.  the bar rules, it has alabama stuff everywhere, GREAT beers on tap and a wonderful atmosphere.  reminds me of tuscaloosa.  :) they even played that horrible song that starts with warren zevon's "werewolves of london" but is actually about alabama that pissed patrick winegar and i off back in the day.

after a few beers there we roamed addison for a little bit until settling on some pub a few streets over because they had good beer specials.  we had a few at the bar and then joy decided she wanted to play darts, so we challenged some dudes hogging the dart board to a game.

turns out they played in a league or something and were really really good.  we were really really bad and drunk.  but we continued anyway.

then it turns out that one of the guys we're playing graduated from the university of alabama in 1990.

then it turns out that the same guy was a malleteer during that time.

then it turns out that the same guy worked for the crimson white when the bear died.

then it turns out that the same guy had a bunch of copies of the CW from when the day the bear died.

then it turns out that the same guy GIVES ME A COPY of it.

we drank and hugged it out.  he remembered me from the freaking mallet mailing list (!!!).

"YOU'RE chris geiger?!  i read your stuff on the mailing list!"

fucking awesome.  his name is mike or something.  both joy and i were pretty plastered by this point so it kinda all went by in a blur.  i know, poor form mr. geiger.  but it is what it is.

and i now have a copy of the cw from the day the bear died.

chicago rules.

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open letter [Nov. 10th, 2008|05:37 am]
dear person who decided to rob my apartment while i was gone in chicago,

fuck you.

that is all.


p.s. chicago was nice.  i'm moving there soon.

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(no subject) [May. 21st, 2008|01:52 am]
dear drama gods,

i don't know what i did to offend you to bring your wrath, as it were, upon me.

but please stop.

i'm tired, i want to finish this show, i want to move on to grad school or the next city.

i don't want to have to deal with this high school-esque drama when i'm a college freaking graduate.

so please, chill out.

i'm done.

your humble servant,
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(no subject) [May. 12th, 2008|05:10 am]
ugh, can't sleep.
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(no subject) [Apr. 20th, 2008|04:19 am]
so, yeah, my dog, buddy, is in the hospital.  he has acute pancreatitis, which is not good.  we don't know if he's going to make it.

i've had this dog for about 12 years now, and he's probably the most adorable thing on the face of this earth.  he is like a little brother to me, in a way, and i love him dearly.  it pains me not to be with him through this, and it pains me even more knowing that if he does pass, i won't get to see him ever again, or be there when it happens.

buddy is my family, and i can't imagine not having him there when i come home.  i can't even fathom it.  and i can't even fathom what my mom is going to do without him.

please say a prayer for him, he needs everything he can get right now to get through this, seeing as acute pancreatitis has a rather dismal survival rate.
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(no subject) [Jul. 10th, 2007|12:39 pm]
i hate it when someone is mad at you and they won't tell you why. then they use every little excuse to blow up on you, even when there is very little reason to be mad.

so i've decided to stop trying to be nice, trying to be cordial, trying to be a friend if i'm going to be treated like shit by someone that was once really close to me.

that's pretty much going to be the rule in the fall. i have my best friends and a fantastic girlfriend. i can't really ask for anything more than that (except for a dog. a kick ass dog.).
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(no subject) [Jun. 15th, 2007|09:41 pm]
honesty box on facebook =

"For the most part - you're a good guy. You have a tendency to be long winded though - and this bothers a lot of people. While you do make good points in conversation - it takes you forever to stop talking. You also have "high-horse" syndrome. I'm sure you're not actively trying to be this way but sometimes you come off like you're better than everybody else. You are very resistant to accept other points of view. You'll listen to them - but you tend to be a bit too stubborn if one persons view point does not match your own. I fear that you experience so much "drama" in the department because you are unconsciously creating most of it yourself. In time - I think you'll grow out of this - once you find better things to do with your life. It's good that you are confidant in yourself - but you don't know everything, Chris. You're only in your twenties. Oh, and some of us have caught you in a couple lies. They may have been misunderstandings - because they were pretty shitty lies."

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